Branding is a part of marketing but it is also the other way around.

Interesting post today about branding.

Key takeaway:
Company branding is not just a logo. It’s all about perceptions, how your customers or clients view your company and the products and services you provide.
I think this is true, and I BIG TIME believe branding is more than a logo, here here! But I also think the definition is incomplete. The real reason for branding, more specifically having a strong brand, is future sales. I hadn't thought about it in this way until I read Think Two Products Ahead - the book makes a very clear case for this reality (yes, I said reality). Bottom line, brands are important, they are the emotional tie to the customer, they are the perceptions, etc. All of the above are true. But the reason brands exist is to drive future sales.

Thanks to Beyond Madison Avenue

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