Affinnova in FORBES!

Check it out. Affinnova is featured in the cover story of this month's Forbes magazine! It took 9 mos. to make this happen. Takes a lot for a small, relatively untested company to get into one of the big 3 business pubs.

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Dana said...


Great stuff. I will be interested to know how this changes your business going forward. It seems as I read it quick that they captured at least partitially what your technology is really about.

Robert Wallace said...

We've seen some leads start to trickle in. I think we need to give it a little more time, it was only out last week. Fingers crossed.

Believe it or not, it took about 9 months to get just that small coverage in Forbes. They started with us thinking it would be a small profile, and when they spoke to us they decided to make us a part of a larger cover story.

They spent a lot of time with our genetics folks, but not much made it in. I think there are 2 reasons why. One, I think despite anyone's best efforts its a tough concept to sell to the editor. Case in point, it was tough even for me to properly explain in State College. Two, Forbes is more of a general trend pub, so to get too much into the "cool technology" they would tend to speak of it in simpler terms in the context of the larger story.