Google looks to 2D barcodes for its newspaper biz

2D barcodes are big. Well, actually they are quite small, but they are a big deal. Rather, they are a huge deal in Japan and will eventually become a big deal in the US and all over (right now the software's penetration is pretty low, with estimates being 1-10% of the population).

Case in point, Google's looking to insert 2D barcodes in their print ads. bottom of print ads. The barcodes can hold an enormous amount of data, and can be used for many purposes. In the case of Google, when a person scans the barcode with a compatible camera phone, it takes their phone's browser to a mobile Web address encrypted in the graphic.

Among other reasons the barcodes are a big deal is that it allows the advertiser to drive a specific person to a specific message or a specific purchase opportunity. Plus, think of all the data you would get about that individual. The mind reels.

To be continued...

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