K-Swiss realizes sex sells

AdRants recent post, K-Swiss Makes...Half-Dressed Tennis Hotties That Want Me? is hilarious, but also poignant. Here's a snippet:

K-What? I'm sorry, I know you want me to look at your logo and go visit your website but I just can't take my eyes of that figure of perfection lying on the tennis court as if she's channeling Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan and wants it...NEEDS it really, really badly!

OK, so we know sex sells. And K-Swiss, as it gets more and more into the pro tennis scene, realizes this obviously. Not to mention, and I say this as a lifelong tennis player and fan, they realize that pro tennis is full of babes. They are the first tennis brand that I know of to blatantly play this angle, and I think its very smart. One, its different - they can't unseat Nike or adidas from the "winning" angle. Two, they realize that they are not simply a tennis brand, they are a lifestyle brand, as can be seen in their other ad campaigns and website. Selling the tennis babes builds a broader base of consumers than just tennis players.

From AdRants

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