180s in USA TODAY! - Exciting News for Scott!

More companies tap location, location, location of inner cities
By Del Jones, USA TODAY

Think the inner city is riddled with crime and uneducated labor and is a ghost town for business?

Consider 180s, a company that seems properly named for going in the opposite direction to the herd. It set up headquarters in the inner harbor of Baltimore, which might be known as a touristy area but which also has a 20% poverty rate and a 50% high school dropout rate...

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Robert Wallace said...

From Greg Woodman:

Good article………here is my provocative thought of the day….mainly based on all the sales of companies between 50 and 300 million in revenue……..I will wager with any of you that 180s will be bought within the next 36 months. And the first thing to go will be that office. Who wants to bet me???

Robert Wallace said...

I'll take the action. 1 beer of the winner's choice. To be payable at the 4th annual hypermediate summit.

Anonymous said...

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