What is Marketing?

This is a very good question and answers on the web typically ends up being a lot of tactics, like advertising, brand management, sales, service, pricing, email marketing, etc. That's a good start, but far from complete. And that's one of the problems with the web. If you go to search engines like Google and type in "marketing expert", you'll come up with over 27,000 web pages! When you've got that many people claiming to be experts in marketing, it's difficult to even know what marketing means.

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Marketing Profs.com; Allen Weiss

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Robert Wallace said...

I think this is a basic, but solid article about marketing. We have discussed in the past, and Woodman adeptly stated, that marketing is not a department. Unfortunately, the majority of people see it as simply the advertising and promotion. Sometimes, if lucky, it included sales or product...but that's still incomplete. Marketing IS business, not a subset of it.