Payless Has Stores in Australia?

Airwalk Parent Inks Licensing Deal Down Under

Collective Licensing International, LLC, owner of the Airwalk® brand, recently announced that the company has entered into a Master Licensing Agreement with Brand Direct to license the Airwalk® brand. Brand Direct International Pty. Ltd. will be responsible for all Airwalk® branded product including footwear, apparel, accessories, and hard goods throughout Australia and New Zealand.

"Collective Licensing is pleased to embark on a long-term license agreement with Brand Direct," said Scott Cain, vice president of global licensing. "Brand Direct has a proven track record - they are the consummate brand building experts in Australia and New Zealand and will help further strengthen Airwalk's brand presence."

Known as brand builders that can identify fashion trends and develop footwear and clothing that is specific to customer's requirements, Brand Direct has an excellent long term retailer relationships in their markets. Their team travels the world frequently developing and building well founded business relationships to ensure its customers are receiving up-to-the-minute fashion intelligence, product styles and competitive pricing.

"We at Brand Direct are confident the Airwalk Brand will be accepted in all target retail categories in Australia and New Zealand", said Tony Pistikakis, chairman of Brand Direct. "We look forward to the opportunities ahead and are delighted to have the responsibility of positioning the Airwalk brand to our territory and delivering superior product, which is something we at Brand Direct and Trade Innovators pride ourselves on."

Source: SportsNewsSource, 8/23/2004

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Laura Putnam said...

Has anyone actually walked into a Payless yet? I couldn't resist. They have several styles - including the One. It actually says "The One" right on it - price point of $22 for women's. The in-store signage used the wrong logo - it is a horizontal logo used on a vertical placement - so the circle A is sitting on its side. It is quite painful to see!

Greg Woodman said...

Yes, I saw the sign and pointed that out to my children that signage error. The TV commercial is not too bad....chuckle that it's a woman featured.

Robert Wallace said...

I haven't gone into a store, but I keep getting faked out by the TV ad. At first, it seems like a half-decent ad with the clouds and everything. Then you realize what its for and its sickening...