When $471 per share is "Falling Back to Earth"

I understand Google's stock is off 36% from its peak of $741.79. But c'mon, the sky is not falling - the stock is still at a whopping $471 per share. It still has a stranglehold on the Internet.

However, the comScore report that BusinessWeek mentions this week is something to really think about if you're an advertiser.
...It found that just 6% of Web surfers account for more than 50% of all clicks on display ads, such as the rectangular banner ads that stretch across the top of many Web pages. In addition, most of these heavy clickers earn less than $40,000 a year, and they account for less than 15% of the actual shopping online.
It is about conversions, not clicks. Is your site up to snuff from a usability standpoint? Is it purposed to make certain actions happen? Are you using effective landing pages? Have you specifically thought, "what do I want a visitor to do when they land on my page, and have I made whatever that thing is excessively easy for them to do?" Simple questions that are often overlooked, but very much need to be addressed if you're going to place ads on Google or Yahoo!.

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