Greetings & Welcome to hypermediate!

This is the first of I hope many posts to the hypermediate web log. Those that helped found the marketing services firm, hypermediate, back in 2000, know what the term meant. hypermediate means, "to being buyers and sellers together at a rapid pace." While the company is no longer around, the idea and the participants are.
However, the purposes of this blog are broader. The hypermediate crew is notorious for sharing articles and learning with each other - both professional or personal subjects. Most of use saved them in a binder we lovingly called "The Book of Woo," named after our boss. We're extending this idea online.

Primarily hypermediate will focus on marketing, capitalism, entrepreneurship, brands and business. However, it will also discuss personal and professional philosophies. So hypermediate in this incarnation is really about the bringing together of ideas and the people around those ideas, at a rapid pace.  We'll see where it goes.
Those of you reading this already know who you are. Hopefully we will find and invite others into this discussion. Those that strive to live, love and learn. Those that wish to constantly challenge themselves. Those that have twisted senses of humor.

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Greg Woodman said...

I applaud this effort and already am loving the articles and quotes. Thanks Cactus! One correction to the intro---the company "hypermediate" is still very much alive. Even the domain name is resting peacefully awaiting it's return. The partipants are just taking on some extended projects (snapshots) in the "movie". We are out here proving that the methodology that marketing is NOT a department every day, works. Within the last 24 hours I have pulled out the patented Hypermediate Greenhouse audit questions and handed out Theodore Levitts Marketing Myopia article to 3 new recruits and explained to them gingerly why Altoona is not Seattle due to NOT fully understanding what Marketing Myopia REALLY is..... about what business we are REALLY in??!!