Call it WOM, call it buzz, I call it the marketplace

If Iowa and New Hampshire have taught us anything, its that the power truly is with the people. Not the media, not the polls, not the pundits, but the voters (i.e consumers!). WOMMA reported yesterday that "In the political arena, big ad budgets aren't enough to beat out the power of people talking. According to The New York Times, "two weeks before the caucuses, 94% of Democrats and 85% of Republicans reported taking part in recent discussions concerning at least one candidate," and candidates with the biggest ad budgets didn't come out ahead."

Its about time the candidates, campaigns and traditional media outlets start realizing the power has shifted, rightfully, to the marketplace. This goes for companies and brands as well. We hear advertisers and agencies whining because traditional advertising isn't working...emotional branding isn't working...all the attention's on the analytics side of things...blah blah blah. They're all missing the point. We now have the opportunity to connect at the consumer/voter level, fairly efficiently. The emotional branding hasn't gone away, what is going away is depending on the big TV ad to communicate that emotion. Tell Huckabee, Paul and Obama that there is no emotion out there on the individual level.

And companies and campaigns better make damn sure they're listening to their buzz effectively. For politics, there is no better way to do this than Wonkosphere. And for brands, check out Wonkosphere's parent, Crawdad Technologies.

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