Political Giving Shifts To Democrats - Pixelection Uses Marketing & Advertising to Shift Power to the Pixels/People!

The Iowa Caucus is today, so we figured we'd talk politics.

Nielsen analysis has reported that 8/10 of the demographics that most likely to contribute to a US presidential campaign — including the most affluent, influential and well-educated voters — made most of their contributions to Democrat candidates in the first half of '07. That's up from four of the top 10 segments during the same period in 2003; moreover, of the two segments that donated a majority of their money to Republican candidates — Country Squires and Second City Elite — are now trending Democrat. Blah, blah, blah...Read the rest of the article in MarketingVOX.

Do you find political polling boring, or just plain irritating because each one says something different? As marketers, we believe in the market, naturally. So wouldn't it be interesting to see how the political landscape looked if people could "vote with their dollar?" There is a new site that just launched called Pixelection. It takes the Million Dollar Homepage idea, but for politics. And instead of being a pure gimmick, its donating a % of the ad revenue to the political parties and to three charities: The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The National Center for Policy Analysis, and the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

Why is Pixelection an interesting idea? One, the aforementioned "voting with the dollar" idea. Two, it utilizes an advertising platform that has shown promise, but has only been used for gimmicks. Three, it provides an affordable advertising medium for the normal people who want to promote their candidate - you don't have to be a big company or a PAC to place an ad for your candidate. Four, advertisers get to advertise for their cause/candidate AND donate money - instead of donating $100 and not knowing where it goes.

Check out Pixelection to check out the new way for voters to promote their candidates.

Data via MarketingCharts

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