The trials and tribulations of Word of Mouth...for the Consumer??

Always looking at things in a slightly different way, Godin talks in this post about how WOM is difficult for consumers too, not just businesses. Why? Because only a relatively small percentage of people like to spread the word, most like anonymity and keeping quiet.
"Sure, 1% of your customers blog or post or just plain talk. They're louder than ever before. But the other 99% represent a real opportunity for you."
Figure out how to get the 99% our of their shell to stump for your brand and you're on your way to cult like status. Godin mentions the Iowa Caucuses and uses the "get out the vote" analogy. Case in point, Obama has mobilized his supporters, specifically the historically apathetic youth vote. That is one of the main drivers of Obama's success, to Godin's point - Obama got to "the other 99%" vs. the Ron Pauls of the world who have great buzz, but terrible mobilization.

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