Johnny-on-the-Spot Xerox changes its logo

Touted as "the biggest brand change in the company's history," it looks like this old-school technology company has gotten a fresh face. But wait...this is not just a logo change for the company who missed the OS market to Apple all those years ago, this is an "ethos" change "to make the brand more amenable to an increasingly digital landscape."

The company says the logo is "a bit less formal [and] a lot more lively," and incorporated the company's new proprietary font called Xerox Sans, which "visually communicates the openness and approachable nature of the company."

There is nothing aesthetically wrong with the logo, but its a big jump from their existing brand. Bottom line, I think they're trying too hard. You can't be more open and more lively from a font. You also can't tell people you're lively when you're not, just because those are the buzzwords of today. Classic Xerox being late to the party again.

The logo took plenty of fire, rightfully so, on Adrants.

from MarketingVOX

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