Amazon Launches TextBuyIt

The malls and retailers better hope they do not suffer from Marketing Myopia, because Amazon has just launched its text-based mobile shopping platform. Its called TextBuyIt, and it allows shoppers to buy products by sending text messages. All they have to do is text the ISBN or UPC code to "AMAZON" and up will come Amazon's inventory to browse. It sounds like it gets a little clunky after that step, though. If you like a product, you select it and enter the email associated with your Amazon account. Then a call is placed to your phone to finish the last purchasing steps.

Clunky or not, this is the start of a fundamentally new way for people to shop, and traditional brick and mortar retailers better take notice if they want to survive. This provides the ultimate in comparison shopping to consumers, which will mean retailers need to get their house in order on pricing, merchandising, experience and service.

From MarketingVOX and AP

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