Want to know where to buy ads? Ask the people!

Silicon Alley Insider had a post today about Hilary Clinton's online plea to raise money for her do-or-die Pennsylvania primary campaign. She did it in an interesting way, she built a widget that asked the people (novel idea) where she should buy ads, and also solicited donations. I actually think this is a very smart, albeit woefully late, idea. I think with all the distrust, frustration and overall disgust with both sides of the campaign finance issue, putting more voice in the hands of the people is a good thing. Not to mention, its just plain good marketing, especially in this day and age. Had she been this innovative and, dare I say, truly democratic, she might not be in the hole she's in currently.

Another interesting site to give people more of a voice this election season with their political advertising is Pixelection. You buy pixel ads, like the Million Dollar Homepage, but the difference is you buy an ad to promote your candidate or cause, and 20% of the proceeds go to that campaign.

From Silicon Alley Insider

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