When to listen to your agency's crazy ideas

Interesting article today in Marketing Daily by Phyllis Dealy titled "You Say Your Agency's Annoying Like It's A Bad Thing" We've all been there, I know I have, when an agency comes up with a crazy idea that at first glance seems both insane and probably expensive, so its dismissed. But sometimes there are times when you need to trust your vendors/partners, especially if they are persistently pitching these ideas. Those times, according to the article, are:

1. Testing a mobile marketing program - OK, I can bite on this one, especially if I'm a consumer goods company, and maybe if I sell B2B depending on the situtation. It has lagged to date, but at some point US mobile use will catch up to Asia and Europe and it will become a major media vehicle.

2. Brandcasting - "The ultimate multi-channel play" according to the article, the idea is brand as channel. I think this can only work in two cases. One, you truly have an iconic brand (Apple, Harley, Nike, etc.). Two, you are completely a new company with no brand recognition and you're in effect branding the channel and then using the exhaust on this to brand your product. Both cases are rare, and everyone thinks they can be a YouTube success story which often makes you look lame, so wade into these waters carefully.

3. Pushing a creative or media idea that's 'too big' 'too expensive' or has 'nothing to do with your brand' - - Again, I agree with this. Within reason, you have to let your agency do what they do best, trust them, and measure the results as best you can.

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