Let the airlines go out of business

Delta will start charging passengers $25 for checking a second piece of luggage starting in May, joining United and US Airways in instituting the new fee.

U.S. Airways (or as we Pittsburghers like to call it, U.S. Scare), is going to start charging people an extra $5 for an aisle or window seat. I have a question, what happens if there are no other open seats but I wanted a middle seat, do I get punished?


How f-ing stupid. So we're in a bad economy, times are tight for everyone, fuel costs are through the roof. I got it. But these guys are doing the exact OPPOSITE of what they should be doing. They should be giving consumers a break on price, not making the flying experience that much more shitty. Will this impact short-term revenues? Yes. But will it possibly increase people flying and maybe (God forbid) build some goodwill for the airline's brand and the industry? Definitely. And can they honestly say that an extra $5 on the already overpriced ticket is going to offset the hatred that will be caused? I am (make that was) a Delta fan. It costs me, my wife and 2-yr old almost $1000 to fly somewhere together. Now, because we're a traveling family (isn't that what they f-ing want?), we're going to get dinged another $50-75 at least? Idiots.

The government needs to stop bailing these airlines out. Let capitalism and the market work. Let the airlines go out of business. That is the only way to make them start listening to the consumers...hey, isn't that what the businesses and the government are supposed to do?

Delta info from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Consumerist

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David E. Bowman said...

I totally agree. Why would an airline make it more difficult for me to fly? Don't they want my business? How is hiding fees beneficial to me? If I ran a rival airline, I would consider letting passengers bring an extra bag or two at no charge - especially if they were not carry on items, which slows the boarding process. It just does not make sense.