AT&T Wades Into the 2d Barcode Waters

One of the keys to companies (most notably Google) truly getting into the 2d barcode game, and making it the potentially profound marketing tool it could become, is the involvement of the big carriers. Well...here we go...
"AT&T is supporting a mobile marketing technique that's popular abroad, but has yet to catch on here: Ads that can be read by cell phone cameras. The idea: Users point their phone at an ad, coupon, or some other enticement, and get something cool or valuable back in return. MediaPost says AT&T has "quietly" agreed to support a system designed by Lexington, Mass.-based Mobot, and that Verizon and T-Mobile are expected to follow suit."
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From Silicon Alley Insider, AT&T Wants To Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Coupon Reader

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