Flip Video Camera - Great for Marketers

Just bought a Flip Video camera a couple days ago. Light, small, and painfully simple to use. Sure, you can't do all the fancy stuff, but it works, you can download right into your USB port with no cords.

As I was playing around with it, I thought about all the cool things you could do with this from a marketing perspective. I was not alone, Community Guy covered the same topic, and here is what Marketing Profs writer Mark said about them:
  • Media outlets: Can give readers/viewers Flips to record events from their perspective and submit their own reports
  • Jeep: Use Flips to help feed the Jeep Experience site
  • Sports teams: Allow fans to cover their team and set up a site to “air” the reports
  • Travel-related businesses: Give them away so people can document and share their experiences
  • Packaged goods brands: Ask people to create their own testimonial of their product experience
From MarketingProfs Daily Fix via Community Guy

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