Airwalk decides MySpace might be on to something

Always "Johnny-on-the-spot," Airwalk decides that this MySpace thing is going somewhere and that they better get on board. The Payless-owned lifestyle brand is going to tie its print ads into the MySpace pages of popular celebs it endorses. Novel...
"MySpace personalities will star in a fall campaign from lifestyle brand Airwalk, which hopes to connect online social media with traditional print ads. The campaign, themed "A Day in Our Life," will spotlight, among others, indie rock band Lorene Drive and Airwalk pro skateboarder Rodney Mullin, both of whom have big followings on the Fox Interactive social networking site."

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Airwalk said...

Just to make sure some of your facts are straight;

1. Airwalk has been active on Myspace and various other social media networks for years.

2. We are not owned by Payless. Collective Brands International, who also owns Payless, is our parent company.

Unfortunately I can do nothing about the innuendo that we are not quite on the forefront of technology, something which is not quite true on both a technical level and a product level.