Batman movie launches another viral campaign

The upcoming Batman movie (Batman the Dark Knight) seeded its trailer recently, which successfully made its rounds in the viral video world. Now, they have let loose the second installment, I Believe in Harvey Dent, where you provide your email to help get Harvey Dent elected. Its a great program and I think it will work very well. Its timely (an election year) and it has high pass-along value. Plus it opens up the communication line (all you need to do is enter your email), and builds anticipation (I can't wait until they start sending me stuff).

But what makes this really a great program is that it builds anticipation with exactly the right people (i.e. real comic book aficionados) and in the right way (uniquely building anticipation for a supporting character who only these people would appreciate). As a comic geek, I know who Harvey Dent is - he's the DA who eventually turns into the villain Two-Face. By getting people that "get it" they have hit the right people who will get excited and spread the word - I've already told a few friends - the "influencers." Now I know I'm not always on the bandwagon with the influencer idea (read more), but in this case I stand corrected.

And, I'm guessing not coincidentally, it also diverts attention to the untimely death of Heath Ledger, who plays the lead villain, Joker.

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