Powerlines, the latest buzzword - this time for great copywriting

Powerlines: Words That Sell Brands, Grip Fans, and Sometimes Change History - A book that surveys the propaganda in our lives. What's a "Powerline"? Think Coke's "The pause that refreshes" and "We can do it!" featuring Rosie the Riveter. From AdRants:

People exposed to an ad will probably pass judgment on it based on the visual and the most visible print. (Typically that's the tagline.) Ad-heads spend plenty of time on pictures, but few consider what impact a resonant string of words can deliver.

A powerline is different from a slogan or tagline. In a way, it's what these things aspire to become. Like viral video, a powerline can't be identified at outset; it earns this title after demonstrating its potency.

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