Spot Runner Launches Political Site, Stock Footage Still Iffy

MarketingVox just reported that Spot Runner has launched a site designed for political candidates - chock full of spots on education and taxes. It'll probably do well given the amount projected to be spent on political ads this year. However, MV posited that "It may also prove attractive to candidates that are gun-shy about TV advertising, following embarrassing news about the use of stock imagery in a recent Hillary Clinton ad. But that doesn't make sense. How does using Spot Runner's stock footage remove the fear of using stock footage (which is ultimately why Clinton's spot ran into trouble)?

The reality is, stock footage is typically a craps shoot. Either you don't know who else has used the footage, or you pay exorbitant prices for royalties. But there is a new site called Element Tank, which provides art-directed, royalty free, HD footage - so there is hope.

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