T-Mobile Wants Engadget to Drop Its Colors


From AdRants:

"In yet another display of corporate legal idiocy, T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom sent a letter to Weblogs, Inc.'s Engadget Mobile asking them to stop using the color magenta in their logo. The letter states T-Mobile uses the color magenta in its logo and, as a result, people might somehow become confused as to what T-Mobile does and what Engadget Mobile does."

And in perfect new media form, Engadget responded in kind by outlining, in a side-by-side chart, the idiocy of the whole thing on its blog...you know, the one with a 665 Alexa rank and millions of page views every day.

Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile aren't the only ones taking themselves too seriously and discounting the intelligence of their consumers. Check out Lacoste, who recently sued a UK dentist for logo infringement...a dentist! (See When brand policing runs amock - Lacoste loses court case against dental practice)

Heads up from AdRants, graphic from Engadget

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