Is your company a vitamin or a pain killer?

"Is your product a Vitamin (nice to have) or a pain killer (got to have it)?"

Great question, from a great blog post by Don Dodge on his blog.

"Many products fall into the vitamin category. Things like productivity tools, content aggregators, mashups, utilities, collaboration applications, measurement and monitoring tools, in fact anything that is a tool, development or otherwise, is by definition a vitamin.

Pain killer products are products that solve for a specific pain point. Sometimes the pain is measurable in terms of ROI, winning sales that could not be won before, or satisfying a regulatory requirement."


"Think real hard, right now. Make a list of the pain points your product solves. Make a list of trigger events that cause the pain to happen. Now think about how to identify these "trigger events" as they happen among the hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Get this right and your sales productivity will sky rocket. Get it wrong and your sales people will end up "dialing for dollars" and wondering why they are not being successful."

From Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing via Anil Jayne @ Endeavor Innovation Partners

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